"To keep our body in good health is a duty.
Else we can’t keep our mind strong and clear. "
Gautama Buddha

Medilab Kochi, is a centre for medical diagnostic services. It is among Kerala’s most modern medical laboratories. It has continuously grown over a quarter of a century and has constantly updated and upgraded itself with the latest technology.

T A Varkey who had accumulated 5 decades of experience as a Medical Technologist from various institutions in Vellore, New Delhi and Saudi Arabia, yearned for a challenge to put to test his experience and expertise. 26 years ago he took on the challenge by starting a Quality Pathology Lab and named it Medilab. His wife Sarada, a medical technologist herself, decided to support her husband by joining as an active partner.


In August 1992, Medilab started its humble journey at Doraiswami Iyer Road. The Kadavanthara Centre, which was opened in 2004 is amongst the most well-appointed diagnostic facilities in Kerala and functions 24/7, 365 days a year, providing our patients, physicians and corporate clients with a comprehensive menu of diagnostic tests and services.

Medilab is distinguished by its quality control system. This was recognized when it became Kerala's first NABL accredited Medical Laboratory in 2006. Its technologists are wont to tell clients when they have a moment to spare: “We test you. We test ourselves even more rigorously, constantly.” We have our work voluntarily audited by an external agency on a regular basis.

"सरिरमद्यम खलु धर्मसधनम"

"Body is the foremost instrument of dharma"


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